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A Safe Bounce House for Sale by Happy Jump

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It is quite common to see a commercial bounce house produced by Happy Jump in a backyard, since most of the company’s bounce houses are not space-consuming.

Happy Jump has a bounce house for sale that can cater to every birthday theme imaginable. There are pink castles for the girls and strong fortresses for the boys. There are even boxing rings, jungles, Hawaiian gardens, and Western-themed bounce houses. For the animal-loving children, parents can get a bounce house for kids that’s shaped like their favorite animal. There is even a seasonal bounce house for Halloween parties. Happy Jump’s bounce houses also come in different sizes, 13x13, 15x15, 15x20, and 20x20, to accommodate several children at once so that there will be no impatient waiting and whining.

Happy Jump does not compromise the safety of children. As such they use for their jumpers for sale, and every other product that they offer, high quality PVC vinyl which is flame-retardant and lead-free. Since Happy Jump products are best enjoyed outdoors, they are also weather-resistant, that is, they will not be worn down by rain, snow, the intense summer heat, or any other kind of weather.

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In addition, a bounce house for sale from Happy Jump has sheer nets surrounding the inflatable structure to ensure the children’s maximum security. The safety nets also allow the parents to check on their kids every now and then to make sure that everyone is doing good and having fun.

All of Happy Jump’s inflatable products have passed ASTM standards, guaranteeing its quality production. A bounce house for sale by the company is then indeed 100% secure for use.

Happy Jump has been in the inflatable structure business since 1999, so it can be confidently said that their bounce houses provide not only never-ending fun but also safety.


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It does not matter whether you are six or sixty; if you have not bounced at least once during your lifetime in a bounce house, you have been missing a lot of fun in your life. A bounce house is an inflated structure made up of strong thick PVC coated vinyl and designed to look like a castle, a house, a sport arena or any other fun structure you could imagine. The structure is inflated using a special motor blower that is provided with your bounce house. You do not have to worry about small pricks from which the air can escape since the motor blower is constantly forcing air inside the unit, thus keeping it inflated.

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So what are the main points which you need to look at when you are looking for a bounce house for kids, apart from the brand name, the material with which it has been made and whether you want a commercial bounce house or not?

Look for a bounce house for sale, which is of excellent quality and which is going to last you for a long time. Make sure the manufacturer is well known and has been in business for a number of years.

The best bounce house construction material will need to meet ASTM standards. Also, the material should be resistant to fire as well as other external natural elements like rain, sun, snow, etc. These criteria should be kept in mind if your bounce house is placed in an open area outdoors. A good quality commercial bounce castle or structure is going to meet all these high constructional standards.

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A good company producing a really top quality bounce house for sale product or model will never sell their products to you without a warranty and guarantee. This guaranty should assure you that they are extremely confident about the quality of their products and the strength, the design as well as the robustness and resilience of such an excellent product. Also, you are going to be satisfied that such a company is going to repair the bounce house in a timely fashion, if that needs to be done, ever, as part of their excellent customer service business code.

When you are looking for a bounce house for sale brought to you by a reliable company, why not look for water slides for sale at the same time? They are fun-especially in the summer- when they are going to be a positive commercial asset for your rental company. So look for reliable companies where you can get these amazing inflatable assets, right now!

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