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Safe and Fun Bouncers for Sale

inflatables special When we think back to our younger days, our memories are full of hopping around like bunnies, jumping up and down on a pile of freshly raked autumn leaves, and bouncing up and down on trampolines. Come high school, we jumped with excitement when our crush asked us out, when our school's football team won nationals, and when we graduated.

Jumping is a sure sign of happiness. We have never read or heard of a saying that states that jumping can be related to a sad event. Happy Jump is the perfect name for a company that provides joy with its inflatable products.

Its bouncers for sale come in different vivid colors that can surely attract the attention of passersby. These commercial bouncers also have various designs to choose from: a castle, a boxing ring, a sports arena, an animal lover's inflatable, a box of crayons, an under the sea or a Hawaiian theme, a sports player shape, a Western-inspired bouncer, and several others.

The bouncers for sale also come in different sizes to serve different purposes. For personal use, there's a moon jump for sale that's only 11x11 in measurement. For amusement parks, in the meantime, they can opt to get 15x20 or 20x20 bouncers for kids instead. There are also 13x13 and 15x15 sizes for backyard parties and the like.

Happy Jump's bouncers for sale have passed ASTM International's Standard Practice for an Amusement Ride and Device Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program. This means that the heavy duty PVC vinyl used in making Happy Jump's inflatable products can be guaranteed to be free of lead and flame retardant. The sheer nets surrounding the bounce houses stress the company's emphasis on safety since these nets allow parents to easily supervise their children from time to time yet still relax with fellow grown-ups.

Choosing The Best Bouncers For Kids

It does not matter whether you see inflatable bouncers,- including commercial bouncers- set up in somebody's backyard or in an amusement park ; these are the best outdoor accessories in which children  can be kept well occupied during the long summer afternoons. Consider this to be a source of unrestricted fun for kids. However, rental companies need to look for bouncers for sale and inflatable water slides for sale from companies which have been in the market for a long time.

We have been leading the inflatable industry for more than a decade and our bouncer and waterslide products are very much in demand with rental companies looking for top quality bouncers for sale.

Now that you know where you can get inflatable water slides and bouncers, here are some safety tips which should be used by rental companies. These common sense and safety tips are going to come in useful, especially when a number of children are using these fun filled amusement accessories.

inflatables special We have made sure that all our products and designs follow all the safety aspects required by ASTM while constructing our bouncers and water slides. However, an operator is always required to monitor this activity, especially when there are plenty of children scrambling up and down a bouncer or an inflatable water slide.

Our products are ranged and designed according to age groups so that children of different ages [and weight ranges] can enjoy using our water slides and bouncers without any sort of danger to them. Overcrowding on a bouncer is also not advised.

So contact us right now and get the best top quality and stylish designs and models for bouncers for sale!
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