Commercial Slides

Turn any Place into a Play House with Happy Jump's Commercial Slides

Bounce HouseIn the old days, manufacturing technologies were not as advanced. For dry and wet slides, children had to go to parks and places that offered recreational activities. Most of us have enjoyed going to those parks and to reach a point of ecstasy. However, with the fast paced modern life, such activities have taken a fall back. Instead, advanced technology has enabled companies to design portable commercial slides that do not have to be installed in a single place but can be placed at different events and occasions. Outdoor slides bounce houses, space walks , etc. are all being designed as inflatables and many of these slides can even be converted into a wet slide with the addition of water.

Happy Jump is a manufacturer of inflatable products and has been in business since 1999. Over the years, the company has designed and evolved a considerable variety of products. The company produces commercial slides from materials that are lead free and flame retardant. Also, the manufacturing process exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. This ensures the durability and reliability of these products as well as the safety of using them.

inflatables special The company produces commercial slides in variety of sizes. But the diversity does not end here as these slides are frequently designed with different colors and themes. The themes could range from underwater adventures, space fantasies to doll houses. Products can be selected depending on the occasion. These themes also play the role of stimulating the children's minds and giving them happy memories. Happy Jump's products are mostly catered towards rental inflatable businesses. These companies get the most diversified product range at a very reasonable price. However, if individuals are looking for slides to buy for their children, they may also benefit from Happy Jump's products. A quick view of the product range can be taken at the company's website.

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