Bounce House Sale

Why You Don’t Want to Miss a Bounce House Sale

inflatables special You know that a party or a theme park is not fun if you don’t see kids screaming about or jumping around in excitement. Since most parents and amusement park operators do not allow young children to ride the rollercoaster or any other extreme ride, kids are left with the boring 10-foot Ferris wheel and the other age-appropriate small stuff.

With the release of the commercial bounce house to the market, amusement parks now have several bouncy houses where children can immensely enjoy themselves. California-based inflatables company, Happy Jump, provides several inflatable products to the market. Its main market is companies that rent out party supplies for birthday or themed parties and amusement parks.

Happy Jump often holds a bounce house sale so that they can expand their coverage of the market. In a Happy Jump bounce house sale, nothing is compromised, thus, theme park operators and owners of party rental companies need not worry that the product they’ll be purchasing is of low quality. A bounce house for sale is offered at a price that’s $1,000 less than the original price, making it a real steal.

Bounce House All of Happy Jump’s products are made of heavy duty strong PVC vinyl which is both lead-free and flame-retardant. The bounce houses that the company offers come in different sizes: 13x13, 15x15, 15x20, and 20x20. The different sizes allow several children to jump around simultaneously without hurting any of their friends or themselves.

A bouncy house for sale may come in the form of a princess castle, a sports arena, a pirate’s cabin, a wild jungle, and several others. The customized bounce houses ensure that they can fit in all possible themes in birthday parties and amusement park sections. A bounce house sale is surely a sale event that should not be missed.
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