Bouncy Castles For Sale

Fairytale Parties with Happy Jump's Bouncy Castles for Sale

inflatables special Fairytales, for adults, are unrealistic, but for kids, stories about princes, princesses, dragons, swordfights, and the like are the stuff of their dreams. It's no wonder then that when their birthday rolls along, one of their requests would probably be a fairytale-inspired party, complete with crowns and tiaras.

Giving in to your kid's request has never been easier with Happy Jump's bouncy castles for sale. Happy Jump, a manufacturer of inflatable products that are distributed in the United States has several bouncy castles for kids. Coincidentally, these castle-inspired inflatable jumpers for sale are among Happy Jump's popular products.

There are several types of bouncy castles for sale in Happy Jump's website. There's the classic princess castle; a castle in vibrant colors of red, blue, and yellow; a pink and purple palace with its very own turrets; and a large square castle. For celebrations other than birthdays that still require a castle, Happy Jump has a Halloween castle in its collection.

Bounce House These bouncy castles for sale can accommodate several kids at once, making them perfect for birthday parties. The biggest one, which has a size of 20x20, makes jumping around easy and more fun since kids have their friends with them. The smallest, in the meantime, is designed especially for personal use. This one comes in an 11x11 dimension, making it suitable for smaller backyards.

Parents who are thinking of bouncy castles to buy should look no further. Happy Jump's products are made of high quality PVC vinyl that is lead-free and flame-retardant. They have also undergone strict quality control and have passed ASTM International's standards for the manufacturing of inflatable products.

A bouncy castle on sale is offered at a discounted price of almost, sometimes more than, $1,000 off. This is a good steal since parents will be getting a quality product which is what their kids want.

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