Inflatable Games

Happy Jump, Inc. has been creating well-made and unique inflatable games for many years. Our inflatable interactive games are often just what an indoor fun center or party rental company needs to really elevate the quality of its service. Bounce houses and water slides are incredibly fun, yes, but there's something about interactive games that really gets kids lining up for a go. For example, Happy Jump, Inc. has many kinds of inflatable obstacle course to challenge the minds and bodies of kids in a variety of themes. Then there are Happy Jump, Inc.'s sports-themed inflatable games. Whether it's basketball, baseball, soccer, or even horse racing, there is an inflatable version of the sport bound to get your customers riled up. Don't be afraid to let your customers get physical with bungee sports, rock walls, and jousting arenas that always seem to attract a crowd.

Best of all, our inflatable games are durable and safe. We supervise the creation of all of the products manufactured in our factories, guaranteeing the quality and security of our inflatables. This way we know that our 18 oz. PVC vinyl materials come out both flame-retardant and lead-free. Then, the team at Happy Jump, Inc. checks the final product before shipping, essentially guaranteeing that the product delivered to your door is flaw-free.

In the quest to remain at the top of the inflatable industry, Happy Jump, Inc. sponsors and attends workshops and sessions at various road shows sponsored by the American Inflatable Road Show. This allows us to get direct feedback from our peers and customers and also to share our expertise with others in the industry.

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