Inflatable Slides For Sale

Inflatable Slides for Sale: Happy Jump's Version of a Playground Staple

inflatable slides A common playground fixture is the slide. Catering to every kid's need to feel the wind blowing in his or her face, a slide provides wholesome fun to every child.

Happy Jump, a manufacturer of inflatable products in California, has made possible for slides to be more fun and bouncy at the same time. Its wide selection of commercial inflatable slides to choose from ensures variety. Amusement park operators and party rental supply company owners can be assured that they will have different inflatable slides for kids to offer to their patrons.

Children can slide down any of Happy Jump's inflatable slides for sale either by themselves or with a friend; there are slides that have single lanes while others have double lanes. The biggest Happy Jump inflatable slide in the market has a staggering height of 28 feet, making the flawless slide to the ground more exciting. The inflatable slides for sale also come in different colors.

During a hot summer day, Happy Jump's inflatable water slides are the perfect companion for your kids. Sliding down amid flowing water is surely an ingenious way to keep feeling refreshed.

Happy Jump's inflatable slides for sale are also guaranteed safe. Strictly adhering to ASTM International's guidelines on the production of inflatable products, Happy Jump items are made of high quality PVC vinyl that is lead free and is flame-retardant. The slides, as well as other Happy Jump products, are all easy to maintain and clean. Parents will surely be happy to know that their little ones are safe yet having the best sliding experience of their lives.

inflatables special Aside from the inflatable slides, Happy Jump also manufactures bouncy castles. A bouncy castle sale is truly an event to watch out for, what with the great discounts being offered during the said affair.

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