Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles for Little Kings and Princesses

inflatable slides Happy Jump first entered the inflatables market in 1999. Over the years, we have sold our products to thousands of customers and guaranteed satisfaction. The goal of our organization is to provide children with the most memorable childhood while ensuring their safety. The dream of children to have their own jumping castles on birthday parties has been left unfulfilled for the longest time due to the financial considerations. Although bounce castle are available on rent from numerous vendors, at times even this cost becomes too high. To allow each and every one the privilege, Happy Jump offers jumping castles for sale Rental businesses and even parents can buy these jumping castles for kids at extremely discounted prices. The lower price could also help rental businesses to lower the rent and allow more children to enjoy their childhood.

inflatables special Parents in general are overly possessive about their kids and it is only natural to be overly concerned about their children's safety even when the threat is minimal. With our jumping castles, parents could now feel at ease, since our production methods are in compliance with the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards and no product enters the market without a thorough quality control examination. Happy Jump offers an unmatched range of products including jumping castles, moonwalks, slides and numerous other kinds of bounce houses.
The size of our products depends on customer requirements. From 13 x 13 to 20 x 20, customers could order any size depending upon their portability requirements and placement. To make our products even more interesting for children, customers can choose a specific theme for each inflatable ranging from shuttles and space crafts to doll houses. Our excellent customer services are also present to assist you in making the best decision whether you plan to buy an inflatable for a rental business or for your children.

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