Jumping Houses For Sale

Happy Jump's Various Jumping Houses for Sale

Bounce House Not a week goes by without a kid celebrating his or her birthday. Gone are the days of tame children's parties where the only games that can provide fun are musical chairs and musical statures. Nowadays, kids are more active. It is with that relentless pursuit of activity that Happy Jump, a company that manufactures inflatable products, was built.

Happy Jump envisions to be the leading provider of inflatables in the US. With its vast collection of party bouncers for sale, their mission is probably on a stone's throw away from them.

Happy Jump's jumping houses for sale are made of heavy duty PVC vinyl, lead free and flame retardant. The PV vinyl is also easy to clean since dust and spills can be simply wiped with a cloth.

Happy Jump's party bouncers have all undergone strict quality control measures before they are released to the market. ASTM International-issued safety standards are followed to the letter for a hundred percent guaranteed safety.

The company's jumping houses for sale come in different sizes and designs that can meet each kid and parent's demand. Their long list of inflatables includes water slides, interactive games, and even a moonwalk for sale.

inflatables special Some of Happy Jump's jumping houses for sale are princess castles and Western-inspired bounce houses fit for parties. There are also joust and twister inflatables, basketball challenges, and gladiator arenas which pre-teens will find interesting.

The smallest bounce house that Happy Jump offers is 11x11, perfect for personal use. Other inflatables can be as big as 20x20 and can easily fit in a wide backyard. For those jump houses which form part of interactive games, they're bigger than usual to accommodate more people.

Happy Jump is surely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating new inflatables that kids will enjoy.

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