Moon Jump For Sale

Going Over the Moon for Happy Jump's Moon Jump for Sale Events

inflatables special Teenagers in the 1990s who have seen Michael Jackson do the moon walk are sure to have imitated him once in their lives. Dancing without gravity seemed so cool. It's no wonder then that up until now, children think that jumping and walking without this force of nature will be as much fun.

Thanks to Happy Jump's commercial bounce houses for sale, gravityless-like activities can be realized. Happy Jump, a California-based company that manufactures inflatable products, has a long list of moon jump for sale that can cater to just about any kid's dream to be in a space where gravity has no hold over them.

Happy Jump's moon jumps are made of high quality PVC vinyl that is lead-free and inflammable. This kind of PVC vinyl is also easy to maintain and clean, making it not only kid-friendly but also amusement park operator- and party rental supply company owner-friendly. A moon walk for sale is guaranteed still of the highest quality, one that has passed rigorous quality control measures set by ASTM International, but with a $1,000 price reduction.

Bounce House Bounces houses by Happy Jump have sheer safety nets surrounding them for added child safety. These nets also allow parents to easily supervise their kids while lounging around with other grown-ups.

Gravity is never a problem when it comes to a moon jump for sale. In fact, it's loads of fun defying it when children are jumping around with their friends, which is another good thing with Happy Jump's moon jump for sale. The bounce houses come in various sizes that can fit just about anywhere. Ttheir smallest moon jump is 11x11, making it perfect for personal use. Their largest, in the meantime, is 20x20. Having such a big bounce house lets kids enjoy bouncing up and down with several of their friends at the same time. Other bounce house sizes that Happy Jump offers are 13x13, 15x15 and 15x20.

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