Moonbounce For Sale

A Gravity-free Moonbounce for Sale

Bounce House Everyone knows that we can move freely and as stable as we want thanks to gravity. But it can be assumed that almost everyone, if not everybody, has thought of what it would feel like to walk on the moon or to walk as if they're floating on air.

Happy Jump, a California-based company that provides inflatable products to amusement park operators and party rental supply companies, has a wide array of moonbounces for sale that can help make our hearts' desires come true. A moonbounce for sale by Happy Jump is made of high tear-strong PVC vinyl that is easy to maintain cleanliness-wise since all that needs to be done to keep it clean is to wipe the surface. The PVC vinyl used in each of Happy Jump's commercial moonbounce is free of lead and inflammable.

A moonbounce for sale is offered at a $1,000 less price. Quality is never compromised when it comes to Happy Jump products. In fact, all of their inflatables undergo strict quality control measures to meet the standards on inflatable items set by a regulating body.

inflatables special For added safety, a moonbounce for sale by Happy Jump is surrounded by a sheer safety net that allows the parents to easily supervise their children as they deem fit. Thus, grown-ups can lounge around with fellow parents or have fun their way like their kids.

If you want to buy a moonbounce from Happy Jump, you can choose among several designs they have for their bounce houses. They have moonbounces shaped like box of crayons, a castle, a boxing ring, an elephant, a tiger, a pirate's cabin, a sports arena, a football player, and many more. Several kids can also fit in one inflatable at once so that they can enjoy jumping around with a lot of their friends.

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