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inflatables special Happy Jump has been serving new and existing businesses for over for a decade now.The number one priority when it comes to the slide for kids and all other inflatables is safety. With the ever changing regulations and rules, businesses can rest easy knowing that Happy Jump commercial grade goods are manufactured to meet or excel the requirements.

To produce an amazing spacewalk or Bouncy Houses, we first start with special materials. We use a PVC knife coated  vinyl that has a super- high tear strength textile that is specially made for us. Our vinyl is lead free, flame retardant, and UV resistant.The mix between excellent design and high quality materials ultimately produces an inflatable that can withstand long periods of time and extreme weather conditions.

To buy a slide now a day can seem difficult and intimidating. But not when it comes to Happy Jumps easy to use website and well known outstanding customer care service. Receiving information is easier than ever.  You can effortlessly find: pricings, sales, product specifications, contact information, and much more.

On Happy Jump website you may find huge variations of sizes, colors, functions, and themed bouncers.
Happy Jump offers bouncy houses sizes ranging from: 9x9 to 24x24 and wet or dry slides ranging from eleven to twenty eight feet high.Themes variations such as: western, tropical, outer-space and sea themes.

inflatable slides Here is a little bit more information on the slide for kids and adults.Our slides feature sun shades and safety netting that is designed and installed to prevent your patrons from attempting unsafe actions.
The wet or dry  slide for kids also features either a pool with an inflatable mattress and or a curved wall at the loading zone.Lastly, all our slides come with an interchangeable pool liner and slide blanket. This keeps the slides looking like new and having businesses avoid unnecessary down time.  

If you are limited in budget ask one of Happy Jump's sales agents about our used slide.

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