Water Slides for Rent

When you’re in the business of providing amusement for family events and the warm weather months roll around then being able to supply fun, exciting, and safe water slides for rent can really make all the difference between a slow and a successful season. Happy Jump, Inc. provides a large selection of the very best in inflatable water slides guaranteed to keep children happy and entertained at all kinds of family oriented social events.

When you are providing water slides for rent, you want to make sure of a number of things. One is that you are providing a sufficient selection for your customers. Water inflatables from Happy Jump, Inc. come in panoply of shapes and sizes. From our massive and multicolored Mega-Twister Slide to our 22 foot Mungo Surf Slide, our products are sure to keep older kids engaged with big time thrills and exciting colors. We also have products that emphasize fun as much as thrills, like our ever-popular Raging Rapids Wet and Dry Slides, which come complete with inflatable penguins – a real kids’ favorite.

Of course, with any product that is going to be used by children, health and safety are also paramount and that’s especially so when the topic is water slides for rent. Happy Jump, Inc. products are manufactured to the highest safety specifications. They are fire-retardant and entirely free of lead.  They come complete with everything you need for a successful set up, from tarps, stakes, and a repair kit to a business card holder to make sure satisfied customers can easily recommend your services to their friends.

For more information on water slides for sale and a wide variety of other products, including bounce houses, please visit our contact page or call us at (818) 504-3991.

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