Inflatable Bouncers

Create a Special Jumping Space with Stunning Inflatable Bouncers

Bounce House Have your own inflatable rental company? Eager to generate revenue and bring success to your rental business? Let Happy Jump help you achieve your business goals. Expand and diversify your rental collection to make it the perfect choice for any party, event, picnic, or gathering. Happy Jump, a reputable and renowned name in the inflatables market, has been serving the industry for more than ten years. Our inflatable products rightly claim to be the best. Durable, safe, high-quality, and most importantly low-priced, the commercial inflatable bouncers of Happy Jump can truly bedazzle you as well as your corporate clients.

Using the latest technology, flawless manufacturing methods, and strict safety and quality measures, Happy Jump can achieve what other inflatable manufacturers can't. Having the best inflatable and fun equipment in stock, Happy Jump fulfills the requirements of its customers. Taking entertainment and enjoyment to the next level, Happy Jump presents a vast range of inflatable bouncers for sale. Available at reasonable prices, these inflatables comprise of the best-quality materials as per our clients' expectations. The quality of our inflatable bouncers will never let you down.

Wish to try various fun products other than inflatable bouncers? Check out the moonbounces, jumping castles, water slides, spacewalks, interactive games, and various other astounding products presented by Happy Jump. If you are looking for invigorating inflatables that can trigger the imagination of your corporate clients, then go through our collection of X-Line Infrlatables. Wonder how our themed bouncy houses can match the aura of your party? Here's an idea, get our special holiday-themed bounce houses to satisfy your sport-loving clients.

inflatables special Provide the best amusement inflatable equipment to your corporate clients to help them create amazing memories. After all, hopping up and down is an activity that can keep your clients and their kids engaged for hours. Above all, the inflatable items of Happy Jump give you the ultimate peace of mind with their unique and safe features. Having flame resistant materials and special safety nets, our bouncy houses ensure that kids have absolutely safe fun.  Add our inflatable bouncers in your rental inventory to make the dreams of your clients come true!

Inflatable bouncers, like those featured here at Happy Jump, Inc., are the backbone of any party rental or indoor inflatable company and it's easy to see why. There are very few things in life as joyous as a child hopping around to his or her heart's content inside a bounce house. Whether your company specializes in providing entertainment at public events or backyard parties, our inflatable bouncers are perfectly adaptable. We make our inflatable bouncers in our own factories; this means we guarantee their durability and quality. Made from top-rate vinyl materials, our bouncers will survive being transported back and forth to your booked events. We offer top-rate warranties to back-up this quality promise and always include a repair kit for after our warranty ends. Your bounce house will pay for itself many times over by the time you choose to retire it.

Plus, our stellar inflatable bounce houses come in a variety of themes to truly invigorate the imaginations of your customers. From giant pink behemoth bounce houses that bring out the princess within any bouncer to adorable animal bounce houses that will attract tiny bouncers, Happy Jump, Inc. has it all. Furthermore, holiday themed inflatable bouncers (like Halloween and football players, perfect for sports season) means that your inflatable fleet will remain competitive year-round.

Be sure to check out our other amazing products, including inflatable water slides and interactive games. These can add much needed diversity to your fleet if you're looking for it. Call us now at 877-244-5867 or go to to learn about our massive selection!

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