Inflatable Jumper

Inflatable Jumper: Giving a New Meaning to 'Jump'

Bounce House We all like the thrill and excitement of jumping high up and the feeling of a Superhero. If it can be source of thrill and excitement for adults, it has the exact same feeling and even more for children. Although, the traditional trampolines allow us to jump high, they have their own limitations. In order to give a new meaning to jumping and bouncing, Happy Jump was formed more than a decade ago and has since been evolving the world of inflatable jumping castles and inflatable moon bounces. A number of rental business and some individual families have benefited from our inflatable jumpers for sale. The company offers exclusive services at the most competitive prices.

Even a typical inflatable jumper at Happy Jump is manufactured using specialized techniques to ensure durability. It complies with the ASTM standards and is made of lead free and flame retardant materials. However, that is only part of the company's routine and our value added services include customization of inflatable jumpers. To customize an inflatable could hold different meanings. Customers could desire to change the size, shape or the theme on the product. Our products are not only available in a large variety of sizes but they also follow themes of space ships, western cow boys, boxing rings, doll houses, airplanes, etc.

inflatables special Happy Jump's inflatable jumpers are all equipped with safety netting that allows parents to set the children free. These products are suitable to be used in amusement parks, birthday parties, carnivals and numerous other events. Any business that focuses on providing inflatable products for rental purposes can significantly benefit from our products as we provide them with the opportunity to save while still maintaining the best quality. Parents may also buy such products for their children. To find out about the different products offered by the company, browse through Happy Jump's website.

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