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Can't Compete with Happy Jumps Superior Inflatable Slides

Happy Jump has been manufacturing inflatables and serving businesses worldwide for over ten years. Our craftsmanship is unmatched and unceasing.  Our number one priority when it comes to inflatable slides or any other type of inflatable is safety. We stand out when compared to all other competitors because we have an undaunted drive to constantly have the safest and best quality inflatables around. All of our moon bounce , wet &dry slides, interactive games, and obstacle courses are commercial grade. We use a custom super strength textile that is PVC Knife coated that makes every single one of our units solid and extremely durable.

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The combination between superior design and top notch quality makes our inflatables last easily for many years. We offer inflatable slides in all shapes, colors, themes, and sizes.  Themes such as: western, tropical, outer-space, oceanic, and patriotic.  Happy Jumps commercial inflatable slides sizes range from twelve to twenty eight feet tall. If these themes, colors, or sizes does not take to your liking, then we can most definitely custom make one for you. Another reason that businesses happily invest in us is because of simple but smart features that Happy Jump implements. Features such as: replaceable steps, blankets, and inner linings in high traffic areas.  As a result of this, business will not experience unnecessary down time or expensive repairs. Also, all of our slides come with safety netting and sun shades. Another great feature that Happy Jump offers are the heavy-duty tie downs and anchoring straps. They are covered with protective layer of PVC vinyl that increase the life and greatly reduces all wear and tear. Lastly, all of our inflatable slides for sale come with interchangeable specially made blankets. This special blanket material is designed to be extra slick and smooth to prevent injury. All of these features ultimately produce an inflatable that is secure, safe, and enjoyable. Make sure to check out all the other wet & dry inflatables that Happy Jump offers.

Everyone in the business of providing entertainment for children's parties and other family events knows that inflatable slides are an important part of your company’s arsenal of fun and frolic. After all, they love sliding, and they love colorful inflatables. With inflatable slides from Happy Jump, Inc. and you have a solid product with which to make your customers extremely happy. When the warm weather months arrive, you can add water and make the fun even more exciting.

Our inflatable water slides and regular slides are not just fun, colorful, and friendly looking; they are also state of the art in terms of safety – wet or dry. Made from super strong 18 oz. vinyl, and lead free, flame-retardant materials, they help ensure that fun stays. They also underline the firm commitment of Happy Jump, Inc. to maintaining the highest health and safety standards in the industry.

Of course, our inflatable slides are as much fun for kids as any products in the market and come in a wide of styles and themes. From thrilling 18’ drops to the Hawaiian Slip and Slide, our inflatable water slides for sale guarantee that both children and parents will enjoy an afternoon of exciting but safe warm weather fun. Party givers can even double the fun by putting these vertical and horizontal slides together to double the fun. With colorful, kid-friendly designs featuring some of their favorite animals, an inflatable water slide invariably makes for a successful event.

For more information on the full line of Happy Jump, Inc. products, including some of the best bounce houses in the business visit our contact page or call (818) 504-3991.

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