Jump Houses

A Party Standout With Jump Houses

inflatables special Looking at any kiddy party, you will find that most have the same old party entertainment set ups. While clowns and various party games may be the "typical" party entertainment, your clients may want to make their child's party a standout from the rest.

When it comes to party inflatables, Jump Houses are some of the very best options. They are quick and easy to set up, and they are incredibly fun to boot. Having the kids bouncing around in a contained and safe space is certainly a dream come true for parents – no more chasing around hyper kids!

You will find also that many inflatables today such as moonwalks and Jump Houses For Kids are really built to ensure not only fun and excitement for kids, but they also are built specifically to address their safety as well. Of course, as a company that provides entertainment for kids especially, those are very important issues you should address.

Bounce House So, where can you get high quality Jump Houses that your clients will truly love to let their children play in? The answer to that is Happy Jump Inc. This company is one which has been a leading provider of high quality inflatables for many years all over the United States. Not only the jump houses provided by this company, but all of the inflatables that they produce is tested to be lead free, tear resistant, and even fire retardant as well. These are only some of the benefits that the various inflatables that this company has to offer.

So, if you truly want your clients to enjoy without you having to worry, then you should have a look at the jump houses for sale that Happy Jump Inc. has to offer you.  Every kiddy birthday party you will host will certainly be a memorable one!

What's great about Happy Jump, Inc.'s line of bounce houses is that many of them foster the vivid imaginations of children. It's enough for many children to have fun and expend some energy in a bounce house, but many of our products really elevate the experience. For example, our wonderful underwater themed jump houses, including the Sea Bounce model, instantly transport bouncers into a wonderful subaquatic play world, where they can pretend to be mermaids or deep sea divers searching for sunken treasure. Or tap into young boys' love for all things automotive with car themed jump houses, such as our Fire Truck inflatable bounce house. They'll be dying to get inside where they can go on their own rescue missions, just like their heroes on TV. These are just a few examples of how simply added a theme to a moon bounce can invigorate a child's zest for playtime and, subsequently, can reinvigorate any moon bounce rental fleet.

inflatable slides Jump houses are just some of the wonderful inflatables for sale here at Happy Jump, Inc. Our inflatable water slides are great summertime fun that can be used indoors or without water as well. Just like our jump houses, they're made with 18 oz. PVC vinyl that is durable, lead-free, and flame-retardant. Furthermore, they can be combined with any bounce house either through an inflatable combo package or through a customized order. Best of all, all of our products come with our standard freebies: straps, stakes, repair kit, motor blower, and even a customized banner with your company's name on it. Call Happy Jump, Inc. today at 877-244-5867 or visit www.happyjump.com for more information.

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