Jumping Castles For Sale

Jumping Castles for Sale for Your Little Prince and Princess

Bounce House There are a lot of children who are now asking their parents for princess- and prince-themed parties. It's a good thing that Happy Jump has several jump houses for sale that are just perfect for such parties. These jumping castles for sale come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

For a smaller type, party rental supply companies can opt for a 13x13 princess castle. These can be rented out for children's parties. Parent can have this placed in their backyard where their daughter and her friends can jump around and pretend they're princesses having a sleepover.

If parents want jumping castles for kids that are meant for personal use, they can get an 11x11 castle that comes in the vibrant colors of yellow, red, and blue. Such a castle can easily fit in a bigger space indoors.

Happy Jump also has bigger jumping castles for sale. These are ideal for theme parks which have special sections targeted to attract kids who are fantasizing to be princesses and princes. There are 15x15, 15x20, and 20x20 castles to choose from, all in different colors. With big jumping castles, more kids can have fun all at the same time.

inflatables special If you buy a jumping castles from Happy Jump, you can be assured that you'll be getting not only a $1,000 discount from what you've bought, but also items of high quality. Their inflatable products are all made from heavy duty strong PVC vinyl. This kind of material is lead-free and flame-retardant. Their jumping castles also have sheer safety nets around them so that the parents can supervise their kids without any hassle yet still have time to talk to their friends over iced tea.
Happy Jump's sale events should never be missed by providers of joy to children. In these affairs, they are guaranteed of the highest quality items at lower prices.

Why Buy A Jumping Castle?

For the coming season the inflatable industry is getting ready with brand-new products with which to entice the general public as well as rental companies. So is it any wonder that our company is so much in demand to supply people with jumping castles for sale, jumping castles for kids and also water slides for sale ? That is because we have been in the inflatable industry business for more than a decade and people know that our jumping castles are second to none.

So here are some practical and reasonable reasons why you should look through our catalog for the best jumping castles for sale.

We are very careful about the design of our products taking into view the safety aspect before we bring any product into the market. Our professional designers and engineers make sure that our products are made up of 18 ounce knife coated PVC vinyl. This vinyl is specially formulated for our products and is built to last. That is the reason why our jumpers, inflated slides, jumping castles, water slides for sale, bouncers and bounce houses can proudly meet the set out ASTM [American Society for Testing and Materials] standard.

So once you have approved of our jumping castles for sale products, naturally we are going to give you the best advice on how and where to set them up. This is so that you can gain maximum benefit out of such top-quality bouncing castles. This advice includes placing the castle at the right location with plenty of space all around it. That is so that children can freely move around and play in a jump castle safely while gaining hundred percent fun out of this amusing and top quality inflatable product.

So talk to us right now and get the best information and advice on how to buy jumping castles, water slides, bounce castles and any other inflatable product needed by your rental company right now. Our well-designed interactive game products – including bouncers – come along with safety netting and sunshades so that you can have many, many hours of fun in the sun!

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