Jumping Houses

Jumping Houses that Top All Others

Bounce House Happy Jump has been manufacturing and designing Jumping Houses for businesses worldwide for more than a decade now.The Jumping Houses or also known as moon bounces are meticulously made to be very sturdy and appealing to all.Our Party Bouncers usually come with a removable roof, sunshade, and high grade child proof safety netting.

All of our jumping houses are manufactured by experienced craftsman and reinforced to last for years.
The three line banner is ideal for new or existing party rental companies because their name, website, and phone number are advertised on a big flashy banner that is installed on their unit.

We always have special packages and jumping houses for sale on a weekly and monthly basis.These packages are specially put together to either help jump start a new party rental company or assist in expanding an already existing fleet. Happy Jump will never cease to outdo itself because we have an undaunted drive for variety and quality. Choosing a size, color, or theme has never been simpler when it comes to our user friendly Happy Jump website.

inflatables special Important information such as: pricings, sales, terms & conditions, special packages, insurance information, related articles and much more can be found on our website. Businesses can request different sized inflatables ranging from 11x11 to 20x20.  We can easily manufacture any bounce house in different colors such as: blue, red, yellow, green, white, pink and much more. If this is not enough, then we can definitely custom design one for you.

The combination of high safety designs and gorgeous themes make our bouncers the top of our class.

Give our bouncers a try and be found Happy.
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