Moon Jump

The Perfect Moon Jump

inflatables special Happy Jump's moon jump is made with superior quality when it comes to safety and craftsmanship.  Businesses will always find that we constantly have moon jump for sale. We offer different type of sales and special packages on a weekly and monthly basis depending on season, in-stock items and popularity. Happy Jump carefully constructs these packages and sales together to greatly and easily help jump start any new party rental business. All of our inflatables are fabricated with high-strength 18 oz. vinyl, with lead-free/flame-retardant materials that are constantly testing.  We use a specially designed custom made textile that is knife coated with a textile that is specially designed to last a long time and withstand intense conditions. This ultimately produces an unbelievably sturdy product that will withstand time and stay at low maintenance. The moon jump or also known as moon walk naturally come with a removable roof, high grade child proof safety netting and a sunshade.

Bounce House Every single inflatable comes with a pack of accessories. The pack is made up of: motor blowers, straps, stakes, repair kits and a three line banner.  The three line banner is perfect for advertising because information like: the company name, address, website, phone number and or email can be added to it in flashy bold lettering.  We take pride from offering only the safest, most durable, and best made inflatables in the market and we will ultimately never cease in making them that way. Please feel free to give our exceptional customer care staff a call with any questions concerning custom designs for our moon jump, water slides, or interactive games. We promise that businesses will receive nothing but the best when investing in Happy Jumps products. Make sure to check out the latest inflatable water slides and moonbounce units.

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