Water Inflatables

Are you looking for popular water inflatables to offer your customers? Here at Happy Jump, Inc., our team of talented and experienced professionals has been at the leading edge of water inflatables manufacturing. First and foremost, our experts are totally committed to safety. All water slides created by Happy Jump, Inc. are constructed of high-strength 18 oz. vinyl, and the materials are both lead-free and flame-retardant. That enduring dedication to a higher standard of safety is but one essential characteristic of our business that sets us apart from the rest of the industry.
The collection of water inflatables available at Happy Jump, Inc. is comprised of a diverse range of options. What exactly are you looking for in an inflatable water park? Perhaps your customers will be interested in our Wild Tunnel Water Slide. Into the chute they go, taking a wet and exhilarating ride until they land with a splash into one of two separate pools at the bottom. Another popular choice is our double lane Hawaiian Slip and Slide with a large pool at the end. Kids can feel instantly transported to the tropics as they fly down this 37' long slide.
Take your time perusing the many products displayed on our user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and informative website. If you have any further questions about any of our items, including our dry inflatable slides, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team directly. They are standing by to provide personalized, attentive service. Welcome to our extended family at Happy Jump, Inc.!

Kids at parties today expect to be entertained with something different and, during the warmer time of the year, that often means wet fun. No wonder that slides and other water inflatables are one of the surest hits out there for folks in the business of making sure that children’s parties and other family-oriented events are successful and safe.

Happy Jump, Inc. provides many of the finest water inflatables on the market. These water slides are colorful and exciting, entrancing youngsters and pleasing their parents – your ultimate customers. Our water inflatables are available in a wide variety of designs that range from the Toddler Water Slide, with adorable cartoon dolphins sure to amuse the little ones, to the thoroughly thrilling 18' Double Drop Wave Slide.

Of course, when you’re talking about such products as water inflatables and children, then clearly safety is inevitably going to be a primary concern. We are proud to say that all Happy Jump, Inc. inflatable slides and other products are fire retardant and entirely free of lead.

It’s also fair to say that, organizers of events demand that they have all the accessories they need to go with the fun inflatables that are so important for the days’ entertainment. That’s why we provide such crucial products as motors, tarps, straps, and stakes. The whole idea is to make sure the fun arrives -- and that’s the business of Happy Junk, Inc.

For more information on all kinds of great products, including inflatable water slides for sale, as well as bounce houses and more, please visit our contact page or call (818) 504-3991.

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