Water Slides Inflatable

Slides and water are two types of fun that have probably existed for about as long as human beings have been around. At Happy Jump, Inc., we combine the two. Our water slides inflatable and our sense of fun are paramount – but so is our sense of practicality and safety. We offer a wide array of the most imaginative and exciting water slide products available.

Of course, it isn’t exactly earthshaking news that Happy Jump, Inc. water slides are inflatable. Even so, the fun and colorful nature of our line of water slide products is something to get kind of excited about. For example, check out our 16 foot water slide adorned with cool primary colors and or tropically themed Hawaiian Slip and Slide, complete with a double lane wading pool at the end. Or take a gander at out 19 foot Wipeout inflatable water slides, which are exciting enough to elicit a chorus of “cowabungas” from even the most jaded of young surf rats. For the little ones, we are especially proud of our Toddler Water Slide, which comes complete with a super-cute picture of a dolphin and is designed with the youngest kids in mind.

Water slides are inflatable but they also have to be safe. That’s why Happy Jump, Inc. products are designed with only the highest safety standards in mind. All our products are lead free. They also come complete with a host of features and everything organizers need to add an extra level of fun to any event.

To learn more about water slides for rent and inflatable water slides for sale, please pay a visit to our contact page or call us at (818) 504-3991.

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